Friday, 11 January 2013 expectations.:)

well, it was a quite sunny day when command hospital skin department decided to visit fever pitch basecamp along with their families.
they knew its gonna be hot. 3 boxes of soft drinks, plenty of water bottles was what we(crew) could see as they arrived. they had to do some trek to reach the basecamp and understandably since there were kids, it was tough for them. however there was a surprise in store for kids as they reached campsite. beautiful tents, wind breeze . all kids wanted was to go inside these tents. they loved the setting, as the parents arrived , they were quite tired, however there were bunch of enthusiastic young guys who were so hungry that as soon as they arrived they started their breakfast. Idli , vada , chutni sambhar was set and served hot. everyone had their food .everyone wanted to relax and no one wanted to start activiities. however we had limited time and we started off with paintball for kids and adults. kids loved targeting tyres, bottles . adults(parents were so happy to see their kids shoot:P,  . next we started with some real paintball activitity. people were made to wear camouflages, chestgaurds, masks and were shown the paintball arena and different hide-out points. everyone were desperate to shoot . game started and we had winners. next up there were few fun teambuilding games followed by lunch. there was a huge queue for 1 item(undoubtely it was sweet-shavige payasa which was loved by everyone(thanks to our chef0suri as he always prepares 1 item that stands out) .people had great lunch and it was time for watersports. everyone was geared with life jackets, kids wanted to kayak but the paddles were twice the height:P however their parents made them sit with them inside canoe.coracle ride was enjoy ed by families. they all loved the evening sun-set at the basecamp. tea was served with some snacks and people started to fall in love with the location as 5.30 was the wind-up time and it was 6 and people still werent packing things to leave.however we had to close the event by thanking the army club. it was a fantastic day for both crew as well as the really had fun and it was a great outing.